Friday, February 8, 2008

8 in 2008 Updates!

Well, as I look at the goals I had set for myself, I am excited about the progress I’ve actually made on some of them. Then there are those that make me cringe as I read them again! So, let’s see how it’s going…

1. To make the time, no matter how hard it is for my quiet time each day, and to get through the 4 devotionals that have been collecting dust on my nightstand!

Hmmm…well, I did really well with this one for the first week and a half! I have since “fallen off the wagon”. I have a list of excuses I could put here, but I will not do that. I will just do better this month! Next month I want to be able to say that I have completed this goal for the month! (Of course, I will just re-set that goal every month!!!)

2. To get to my goal weight by the time we go to Disney on March 8th! (Kinda funny, huh?) I have 8 pounds to go, too!

I have 1.5 pounds to go!!! This is the toughest part, though. The last 3 pounds seem to be giving me a lot of trouble! We’ll see tomorrow!

3. To find and actually implement a workout plan that will help me to lose that 2 baby jiggle I've got in my belly, not to mention the arms and thighs!

Half of this goal is complete! I have found some videos that I really love to do! Now, I just have to make the time to do them! Right now, it’s pretty sporadic. Next month will be better!

4. To have the patience with my girls that Jesus has with us.

I can honestly say that this goal is working. No, I am not completely there yet, but I can see that I am stopping and thinking before I react more, and more. I’m learning that my children are just children, and that I need to think before I react to what they are doing!

5. To get my papers all sorted, filed, tossed, and organized! This is forever a challenge for me! I love office supplies, so you'd think it would be easy, but I am a pack rat, and it is completely out of control!

This is going to be a LONG process! I have started, and so far I have managed to get through quite a bit. One of my biggest problems is how to effectively store what needs to be kept.

6. To stick to the budget that my hubby and I have come up with to get ourdebt paid off! I hate budgets!

Budgets, budgets, budgets. Forever a thorn in my side! I love to make them, and they look so pretty on paper (yes, I’m a little strange about this stuff!), but just don’t ask me to stick to one! So far I would say that I have made some progress. I have paid off one of the smaller debts we had! It really was small, but a huge deal for me! I’m learning, very slowly, that this needs to be done. I want immediate results all the time. Something like this takes time. So, by next month I hope to have another small debt paid off!

7. To learn how to play again.

This one is good! I have made a declaration that I want to be joyful. I was on quite a “joyful high” for a few days! Then, I sort of came down off the cloud for a few days, but I have found a happy compromise right now! I was so joyful it was annoying for a few days! Now, I am just trying to stay positive, and happy. This is such a big part of learning how to play again! I have found myself just singing and dancing in the kitchen with my girls! We have so much fun! They love it – little lady gets right into it, and the bean just laughs and giggles and jumps in her exersaucer! Fun!

8. To get my basement cleaned out and set up for all the scrap booking that needs to be caught up on. We need a safe place for the girls to play down there so that scrap booking can be done during normal waking hours!!!

I think I am most excited about this goal right now. So far I have managed to switch the sides of the basement around. So, now all I have to do is finish going through the “stuff”, and sort. I’m sure there is a lot that still needs to go, but we are so close to being able to let the girls play down there!