Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 in 2008 Update...

Well, since I skipped last month (things were completely nutty around my house!), I guess I had better get back on track! Especially since the last time I even wrote was for the 8 in 08 for February! So, here goes nothing!

1. Quiet time…I admit that I am failing miserably at this goal. I still have plenty of excuses, but none of them are valid, so I won’t even go there! I will just ask you to pray for me that I can fulfill this goal this month, and take it from there!

2. Goal Weight…I have accomplished this goal! I got to my goal weight in February! Hooray! So, I guess I need to change this goal for this month…

I think I would really like to focus on maintaining my weight, and in order to do that, I need to be conscious of what I am putting into my mouth! My goal for this month is to journal what I eat. I’ve slacked off in that department big time, and it is what keeps me on track!

3. A workout plan…This is another goal I have failed miserably at. I do need to tweak this goal a bit though. Rob and I have signed up to do a 20 mile walk in June for suicide prevention. Yes, you read that correctly! 20 miles! So, my workout goal for this month is to make sure I walk for at least 30 minutes everyday!

4. Patience with my girls…this is the goal that I have been able to keep! We have our moments, but before the top blows, I am able to assess the situation.

5. Organization…this goal is such a thorn in my side! I have gone through more paper than I ever thought I had, and I have so much more to do. I end up going through it over and over again because each time I make myself throw something else away that I really do not need to save. Slowly, I am getting there!

6. Budget…big progress has been made here! We are paying off our debt! We have our eyes on the prize, and my mindset has finally realized exactly what needs to be done! I won’t say I have achieved this goal, I have a long way to go, but I have made some serious progress!

7. To play…the girls are growing, and changing so much everyday! My big girly is getting into “Barbies”, and dress up, and my little one is working so hard on playing with her toys! We are having a lot of fun trying new things, too! I think that this goal may have been reached – I’ve been in a really great place with this for well over 2 months now! So, I suppose I will come up with a new goal for this spot next month!

8. The dreaded basement…well, my girls have a space to play in the basement right now! You can’t see it because my “big girl” has taken out every toy that is down there (she really missed those toys!), but we will be working on that this weekend! I have been trying to fill one garbage bag each time I go down there. Last time, I filled two! I was able to give away a ton of baby clothes (Thanks E!), and that really freed up some space! Right now, we are tossing around the idea that we may need to simply take everything OUT of the basement to really go through it. I know, crazy, but I am stuck, and I have no room to sort!

All in all, I think it was a pretty good 2 months!

I look forward to reading everyone else’s updates!!!

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Elisa said...

Yippee, Alli. Your list and progress seems great. And here's a big kick in the pants about your quiet time -- get to it girl, without excuse and regret. God loves you and is longing for time with you, where you're devoted wholly to Him. It's a good thing -- go talk to Him!

Yes, let's get together...I'll email you!

Love you, friend,