Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Living Well, or at least trying hard!

So, I have completed my first week of LWW. My goals were to:

Workout 3 times this week
Track my food
have quiet time each day

I did not have a stellar week, but it was certainly better since I was concentrating! Plus, add being accountable to my people pleasing personality and i tried so hard! I did get in 2 workouts, although they were at home, so they weren't as good as the should have been.
I tracked my food. That was a tough pill to swallow this week. There were 2 things that I had been craving, and I knew I would not be satisfied with anything unless I had them. The first was a nice juicy hamburger. So, we went to Friday's, and I had it. I didn't finish it, but boy was it good. Tough to admit to on the tracker, but I am committed to logging everything that goes into my mouth! The next craving I had was for a sandwich called "The Boone" from a favorite deli. It's breaded chicken, bacon, melted American, and Russian dressing all on a roll. Mmmm...Well, I had that on Sunday. That was just as good as I remembered!
I know this is not really a weight watchers philosophy by any means, but I normally give myself the weekends off to just realx and not worry about my points. I am able to do this because I don't use my "extra" points throughout the rest of the week. So, theoretically I did not even go over my points. I think it was more of a mind game though. Plus, with Thanksgiving on Thursday, I probably should have saved all of my extra points! It's ok though, I still have some!

And my Quiet Time goal...I had my devotional time each day. I just wouldn't really call it quiet. I was able to do devotions each day, but my quiet alone prayer time has been getting done driving to and from work! Yes, I am alone and it is quiet, but I have to concentrate on driving, so I just don't feel that I am giving God the respect he deserves from me while I am praying to him. This goal needs to be worked on. A lot!
So my goals for the coming week are:

Continue to track my points
Focus on quiet time
Make Thanksgiving as happy as I can for my family (My parents are struggling a lot right now, as am I)
Make sure I get to the gym for at least 2 of my 3 workouts

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